Naud Production AB

Naud production HB was formed January 1th, 1993.
The company was established by Runar Enberg and Matz Glantz.
This year Naud is reformed and the company is named Naud Production AB and it's owner is Runar Enberg. We wish to thank Matz for his years with Naud.
Naud Production produces films, music and words.
What does then Naud means?
Well, Naud is one of the old Nordic so called runes.
Naud is the rune of necessity and it represents the threads of destiny wich are a part in your life.
Naud can sometimes demand great sacrifices and it can, because of that and it's caracter, mean difficulties. But, you can be assured that those things and moments you'll go through is necessarily for you process of development.
Naud, therefore, gives confidence and wisdom that of what is happening is the absolut best to happen.
When I, Runar, read this I thought it was related to the process of beeing creative and how it feels under that process.
And to have a name of the company that is related to our Nordic history, I think is also good.
The rune Naud you can also meet under the name of Naubiz, Naudir, Nied and Naudr.


1997 Naud Production AB

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